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Tetris Puzzle Blocks

This is the most intriguing block game you have ever had the pleasure of holding in your hand!

It has all of the things that make a puzzle game fun: it’s easy, fun, looks good, and is good for people of all ages.

It is also the most entertaining way to develop your brain and maintain mental sharpness!

What is the best way to play?

Place the pieces on the board. When you finish filling in a vertical or horizontal line, it will vanish, making room for more pieces to be placed in its place.

If there isn’t enough room on the board for any of the blocks listed below, the game will be over.


In addition, a rating system has been set up so that you can compete with your friends, coworkers, and social circles.

You may play this brain game at any time and from any location for a short time.

For Pc, use “WASD,” For mobile, use the button inside the game!

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